55 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

Live Comedy Pro Q&A - How to Engage Any Audience, Polishing Material, Writing Jokes About Death - Comedy Podcast

This is a rare behind the scenes access to our weekly Q&A in Hot Breath! Pro. Every week members meet up to ask pressing questions and get personal feedback on their comedy. We cover a lot of topics in this episode ranging from how to engage a rowdy crowd to finding the humor in family tragedy. Tune in and click the link below for more info about how you can level up your comedy in Hot Breath! Pro. Level up your comedy with Hot Breath! Pro here:joelbyarscomedy.com/hotbreathproJoin our facebook group writing club here:https://bit.ly/HotBreathFacebookGroupSubscribe to the Hot Breath! YouTube:bit.ly/HotBreathPodcastWatch Joel's Comedy special here:bit.ly/TheTrophyHusbandSpecial
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