72 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Anjelah Johnson - Creating Comedy Characters (Bon Qui Qui), Joke Writing Tips, + MORE - Comedy Podcast

Anjelah Johnson is a pioneer of what is possible for comics. Just a few months into her career, she goes viral and becomes an instant star. She has been able to sustain this success through hard work, kindness, and much more that you will learn in this interview. Our discussion goes far beyond comedy and can help anyone wanting to live their best life. Share this episode with your fellow comics and people you want to help inspire to live their best life. Join our facebook group here:https://bit.ly/HotBreathFacebookGroup Join Hot Breath! Pro here: joelbyarscomedy.com/hotbreathproClick here to join our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HotBreathPod Subscribe to the Hot Breath! YouTube:bit.ly/HotBreathPodcastWatch Joel's Comedy special here:bit.ly/TheTrophyHusbandSpecialJoin Joel's Online Writing Class:https://bit.ly/ComedyWritingCourseOrder Joel's Comedy Writing Book:http://bit.ly/ComicsPlaybookGet more podcast content and merch on our website website: https://hotbreathpodcast.com/
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