69 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

Episode 540 – Bang in a Box

Our show is listener supported… tell EVERYONE about the wackiness! EVERYONE!  Even your grandmother!  She needs penis jokes too!  If you really dig what we do, be sure to leave us a review on whatever podcast service you use.  It helps us out a ton! iTunes: http://bit.ly/hnhshowStitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/horseshoes-and-hand-grenades Factoid of the Week:During Victorian times, American and British women donned gloves for every kind of activity and had different kinds of gloves for each activity. In fact, being caught not wearing gloves was considered a major social faux pas. You could also often find catalogs containing a minimum of 21 different kinds of gloves. Adobe Flash Shutdown Halts Chinese Railroad for Over 16 Hours Before Pirated Copy Restores OpsBernie Sanders’ mittens, memes help raise $1.8M for charityPanera Has Created A Bread Bowl Glove, So You Can Still Drink Your Iced Coffee In The WinterWoman reportedly performs oral sex act on gas station robber until cops arriveConfused, jealous wife stabs husband after seeing her younger self in old photos Words of Wisdom:“A pure hand needs no glove to cover it.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne
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