67 minutes | May 2nd 2016

HorseSense Episode 13 - Feeding the Laminitic horse with Carol Layton

Carol Layton is a woman with a curiosity that led her down the path to becoming one of Australia’s leading Equine Nutrition experts. With a background in Science and a love of horses, Carol found that she couldn’t find good evidence to back the way we were feeding our horses. There was not much to help horse owners work through the maze of feeds at the feed store and so most of the information was based on people’s opinions or small pieces of research undertaken on small groups of horses. This began a search for real knowledge about equine nutrition and led her to Dr. Elizabeth Kallon. Dr. Kallen is a Vet who has specialised in the development of sound nutritional practice for all horses. Carol has studied under Dr. Kallen for almost 10 years now and lectures both here and overseas on the subject.

Carol also consults and sells balanced mineral mixes individualised for your horse's particular needs. Her website can be found here http://balancedequine.com.au/ and her facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Balanced-Equine-270340003009716/

Today she talks about feeding the laminitic horse.

A fabulous interview. We did have a few hiccoughs with the connection but it has turned out pretty well in spite of this!!

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