54 minutes | Apr 18th 2016

HorseSense Episode 11 - Jane Myers talks Equicentral land management practices

I love my horses and I also love the land. I want to live as sustainably as possible and not be one of those horse owners that ruin the land their horses run on.

We also all want the best for our horses and by far the best nutrition or horses is grass so it stands to reason that we want to grow as much of it as possible and manage worm burdens and the like.

Jane's system of land/grazing management combines horses natural grazing behaviours with sensible systems of horse keeping to make our lives easier. I could listen to Jane all day - some incredibly practical information that we can all implement with minimal fuss and cost.

A scientist, researcher and author, Jane's a wealth of information and tours both Australia and the UK teaching these principles.

You can find out more at her website: http://www.equiculture.com.au/equicentral-system.html

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