34 minutes | Mar 5th 2018

1: Equine Wound Care - Dr. Leigh De Clifford

This month's podcast guest is Equine Vet Leigh De Clifford talking best practice wound care.  

Born and raised in rural Australia on a mix farm, Leigh grew up around racing, rodeo and campdrafting.

Leigh graduated from Massey in 2008 and worked in a large equine hospital in western Victoria before taking up a position as the private veterinarian for Qatar Bloodstock and Qatar Racing, based in Gloucestershire, UK.

Leigh’s interests include sports medicine, lameness and surgery and is keen on advancing the management of the equine athlete to get maximum performance, whether it be polo, dressage, eventing, show jumping or racing. Leigh was also recently asked to join the Australian Equestrian Veterinary Team for WEG in 2014.

When not at work Leigh can be found running around a rugby pitch, at the gym or grooming for his wife at her dressage competitions.

During the interview Leigh and I talk about initial first aid, what to clean wounds with, how to prevent proud flesh, what to put on wounds and how to get the best result.

You'll get heaps out of this interview - I really enjoyed it and hope you do too

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