66 minutes | Mar 21st 2015

EPISODE 373 - What We Missed Along The Way

....and we're back. After doing the show as long as we have, there were bound to be occasions where we called foul and made negative opinions known. This week Tony and Ted took the opportunity to challenge each other to several re-watches to give our original thoughts another evaluation... and the results were surprising. Beginning with the Nightmare on Elm Street remake through Rob Zombie's Halloween to The Day the Earth Stood Still, and everything in-between, we took a deep breath and kept an open mind. The highlight challenges for your hosts were the Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit saga for Anthony and infamously The Happening for Ted. We hope you enjoy this unusual retrospective as much as we enjoyed recording it. Schlock corner offers another visit with friend of the show William Shatner and his latest demonstration that he does not suffer fools easily. Finally, we do a little catching up in our final segment before offering up a small tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Thanks for downloading and listening - more to come soon. As always we welcome your comments: horroretc@gmail.com Check out our premium episodes at www.bandcamp.horroretc.com Voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM
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