64 minutes | Jan 13th 2015

EPISODE 371 - From The Hip (Angel of Death edition)

This week we ring in 2015 with a catch up from the holidays, including an update on Anthony's various projects, and share some of the various genre related things we've been checking out. The main event though is a lengthy discourse on (new) Hammer's sequel The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. It is a January release in every sense but we tried to offer up a few positives to the return of Eel Marsh House - nevertheless, anger and frustration led to us giving our honest opinions (Ted draws a line on jump scares). A few more odds and ends round things out including a brief rundown on Predestination and some teases for upcoming show topics. Short and to the point this episode - please stay tuned for some terrific subjects lined up in the weeks ahead. As always we welcome your comments: horroretc@gmail.com Check out our premium episodes at www.bandcamp.horroretc.com Voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM
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