23 minutes | Jan 30, 2020

49. From hobby to working writer with Joshua Becker

So how do you take your writing serious? How do you commit and show up?  One important way is to begin looking at yourself as a working writer. Even before you get paid. So what focus and mindset does a working writer have that’s different from a hobby writer? Author Joshua Becker was a pastor. That was his job. His writing was a hobby. He wrote for himself like most of us start out.  Then he shifted, he transitioned. On purpose. We’re going to see the shift he made and how it changed everything. And we’ll learn he faced imposter syndrome like we all do when we start getting serious, that little voice that says, “who are you to do this, some kind of expert?” We’ll learn how he overcame that challenge and ended up with 3 published books and a blog with a million readers a month.  So what does moving from hobby writer to working writer look like?  Let’s listen and find out!
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