20 minutes | Oct 29, 2019

46. Inside the Mind of a Children’s Author - with Matthew Paul Turner

Writing for children is a different kind of writing. One of the beautiful things about it is when you successfully keep things simple, you can end up reaching far beyond children.  That’s how it’s worked for Matthew Paul Turner, a long time writer who tried writing for children as an experiment. He’s now written “When God Made Light,” “When God Made You,” and “When I Pray for You” which you can find at Target and Sam’s and Walmart and all over the place. How is writing for children different? How do you think and see in a very simple - but sometimes profound - way? What goes on inside the mind of a children’s author?  Well, if you’re interested in writing for children, or think you might be someday, or if you just want to see how to tap into the parts inside you that can matter to others, this episode is for you.   
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