16 minutes | Sep 9, 2019

41. What Makes You a Writer? with Jeff Goins

It’s kinda funny when we’re afraid to call ourselves a writer - as if we’re scared of ourselves and our full potential.  Do you find it easy to not say you’re a writer - for example when you don’t have many readers? And when you don’t call yourself a writer, isn’t it easy to just not write?  Writer Jeff Goins says whatever we think about we become. Can you relate? Do you own being a writer? Do you struggle believing who you’re supposed to be?  Jeff said that for a long time he called himself a wannabe writer and so he wrote like a wannabe. Then he realized he needed to “own” being a writer and call himself one and act like it, and it changed everything.  But it was a struggle - and for us too, it can be a struggle to own what we really want. Can you relate? Well, let’s work on that together.
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