37 minutes | Jan 15th 2021

Freedom from Codependency with Amanda Tewksbury

As a young teen with an alcoholic mother, Amanda developed many of the codependent tendencies common to those who love someone with an addiction. In college, she reached a breaking point, realizing how unhealthy she had become, and embarked on a journey of learning healthier ways to be in relationship as a Christ-follower. In just a short 30-minute interview, Amanda shares so much hard-fought wisdom, and by the end of it, I felt as though I’d gotten a free therapy session. I’m so excited to share Amanda with you all, and I pray that the wisdom she shares will be an encouragement on your own journey towards relational wholeness.  

Amanda spent eight years working in a sports ministry prior to her current roles as a kindergarten literacy teacher and ELL teacher.  She played Division 1 college basketball and has coached basketball at the high school and youth levels. Amanda is passionate about her own journey of growing and healing as a follower of Jesus Christ and using coaching, teaching, and writing to motivate, connect with and encourage others. 

Connect with Amanda on Instagram at amandajean118.

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