57 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Ep 53 - The Colorado Rockies & the NL West w/ Noah Yingling

This episode kicks off a six-part series where we look at one interesting team from each division (and the division) leading up to Opening Day. This week we start with the Colorado Rockies and the National League West. The Dodgers & Padres are clear favorites in this division -- we are looking at the Rockies as they face life without Nolan Arenado. We are joined by Noah Yingling, Site Expert at RoxPile.com, a Colorado Rockies fan site on FanSided.com. This was a fun discussion but no surprises on the prediction front -- this division is all Dodgers and Padres.In Chapter 2, Eric and Craig look back and remember Out of Time, REM's smash hit album from 1991, in its' 30th Anniversary week. The duo wrap up the episode with a quick look at the Astros' and Brewers' latest free agent signing, Dax Prescott's new deal and Gonzaga basketball.
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