40 minutes | May 31, 2021

Use Paladin Oaths Aplenty

Use your Paladins tenets to fuel your character, not be your character.Creating a great paladin character that gets everyone else at the table excited is kinda tough. A bad reputation has been made, of people playing them strict, unwavering, and all conquering. As people that do not get along. That stop the game on behalf of their god. Well, it doesn't have to be this way, and we think there's some incredible roleplay opportunity that comes from going down the path of the Paladin a little further.In The Strategy Stateroom, we go through some steps that will result in Paladins with great internal conflict, ways to play that out, and a better consideration of dealing with party members. We also provide a whole slew of terrible oaths, in case you needed that. Nobody needed that.Then we head over to The Interdimensional Gateway to talk about just a couple examples of Paladins from pop culture that provide some great inspiration for yours, and what your characters journey could look like! No giveaways, but one rhymes with Chandagorian, which is a great name for a Paladin.As always, huge thanks to the support these folks give us on our Patreon.Chris F., ISeeSpidersWhereThereAreNone, Sean J., The Senate, Lucas D., Lyla G., The GM Tim, Nevermour, Thomas W., Ty N., Heavyarms, Erik R, Aldrost, Leprecan, and Will H-P.Announcement: For the next two weeks, the two of us are going to be incredibly busy moving and renovating some areas of our new home so we can create a new podcast studio. Due to not having a place to record, or good content to record, we are taking those two weeks off of podcasting! We hope you'll be patient with us, and not swear an oath of vengeance upon us. But we'll be back on June 21st with our next episode, and after that we hope to have some great guest episodes to share with you! Thank you for your support in listening, sharing, and reading this far.
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