54 minutes | Aug 30, 2021

Fighter Culture for More Diverse Warriors

Creating compelling fighters require a perfect blend of martial culture creation and character traits to cross the chasm of forgettable.Fighters are unique in that they dont necissarily come from a particular legend or source, like Druids or Bards. A fighter is... a fighter, someone who fights. The whole of human history we could draw inspiration from has fought. Like a menu with far too many options, the choices of what to inspire you when creating a fighter can be so many, it's paralyzing. It's no wonder we end up making so many people that hit stuff with a sword, as opposed to characters we find compelling and unique.In this episode, spend some time in the Strategy Stateroom finding inspiration in history and folklore to use both the Culture Creation template and Character Traits template to build two characters with more depth. As always, huge thanks to the support for making this episode a reality.Felix R., Chris F., ISeeSpidersWhereThereAreNone, The Senate, Lucas D., Lyla G., The GM Tim, Nevermour, Thomas W., Tyler G., Ty N., Heavyarms, Erik R, Aldrost, Leprecan, and Will H-P.
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