49 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

Character Arcs III

Direct your characters story while still letting startling twists appear.In our third and final look at character arcs (for now), we look at morality arcs. These ones are particularly useful to consider for tabletop games like D&D, because we all know or have been the person who's built an amazingly interesting morally grey character. They've got a tragic backstory, a twisted perspective on the world, and we're all curious to see where their story goes. Well, if it's ever fallen flat for you like it has for us, join us as we figure out how to make it work.In the Strategy Stateroom we get right into the three types of Morality Arcs: Redemptive, Punitive, and Testing. Redemptive characters make up for their mistakes or selfishness, and end up proving that they have some good in them, sometimes even in a blaze of glory. Punitive characters go on a downward moral spiral until justice finds them. Testing leaves us in suspense with whether they will overcome their moral failings or not. These ideas are modified from The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know by Shawn Coyne.Then we head to Tymora's Tavern to harshly judge Frodo Baggins, and punish him by screwing up his character arc in a myriad of ways.As always, huge thanks to the support these folks give us on our Patreon.Chris F., ISeeSpidersWhereThereAreNone, The Senate, Lucas D., Lyla G., The GM Tim, Nevermour, Thomas W., Ty N., Heavyarms, Erik R, Aldrost, Leprecan, and Will H-P.
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