51 minutes | Oct 18, 2021

77: Shannon Falkenstein on Acton Academy

Shannon Falkenstein is a co-founder and Executive Director of Acton Academy in El Salvador. Acton Academy is an innovative form of education that aims to move students from receivers of knowledge to self-seekers of knowledge. Acton blends state of the art software, projects with real world application, Socratic discussions, and what they call the Hero’s Journey in a student-centered, multi-age classroom. I learned about Acton Academy after seeing that Tim Kennedy is opening his own affiliate in Austin, and I’m just so excited by the idea of it. Acton Academy affiliates are now open around the country and the world. The founder of Acton Academy, Laura Sandefur, has a book out on Acton Academy’s philosophy called Courage to Grow.   Acton Academy: https://www.actonacademy.org/ Courage to Grow: https://www.amazon.com/Courage-Grow-Academy-Learning-Upside/dp/0999520504 Shannon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanfalkenstein The New Schools Podcast: https://thenewschools.com/podcast –––– Support the podcast and join the Honest Offense community at https://honestoffense.locals.com​​​​​​ Other ways to support the podcast: https://www.ericcervone.com/support​ Follow Eric on Twitter and Instagram @ericcervone  
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