6 minutes | Jan 28, 2021

Honens @ Home: Tzu-Yin Huang performs Bartók

At the 2018 Honens International Piano Competition, Semifinalist Tzu-Yin Huang performed Intermezzo interrotto, György Sándor's solo piano arrangement of the fourth movement of Béla Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra. 

Concerto for Orchestra is one of Bartók's best known, most popular, and most accessible works. In 1943, Bartók was in and out of the hospital, thinking his career in music was over, when the Boston Symphony conductor, Serge Koussevitzky, came to offer him the commission. He completed the Concerto in only a few months. It premiered on 1 December 1944. 

After his death, Bartók's son, Peter, discovered a manuscript for a piano reduction of the score. Soon after, he asked Sándor to prepare the script for publication and performance, which is the arrangement you are about to hear. 

Enjoy this performance from Semifinalist Tzu-Yin Huang recorded live at the 2018 Honens International Piano Competition!

Watch the video edition of this excerpt at honens.com/home.

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