27 minutes | Sep 27, 2012

67 The Homeschool Buzz - Don't Do Drugs Stay out of School

    In this episode we talk with Laurette Lynn about her new book... "Don't Do Drugs Stay out of School". Laurette is the Unplugged Mom; Unconventional, uncensored and unscripted, smart, serious and sometimes silly host of Unpulugged Mom Radio, a popular web talk radio show for home educators, and other outside-the-box thinkers..    Show Notes: Episode 67: Don't Do Drugs Stay out of School   Topics Discussed: What's been happening in your life since we talked last. Give us some juicy tidbits. In 30 words or less. Tell us about your new book What was the motivation for writing it? Who was the target audience? Favorite Authors. Advice for aspiring Writers/Authors.   Related Links: 5 Things Public School Can Learn From Home School Teachers 5 Ways To Homeschool For Free Homeschool Curriculum Expert    Sponsors and Affiliates:  Christian Home Educators Association of California (Resources for Homeschool)   Audio:   Play in new window | Download (Right Click to Download) Thanks for subscribing to The Homeschooling Buzz.      
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