67 minutes | May 20, 2012

60 The Homeschooling Buzz - College The Smart Way: Higher Education in the Information Age

    In this episode we listen to CollegePlus share the current state of higher education in the information age and provide us with tangible strategies on how to achieve success. The Christian Home Educators of California hosted this free webinar which was inspired from their 2012 Bay Area homeschool convention in Santa Clara where many parents were seeking options for their highschoolers after graduation. The traditional road to college did not appeal to many of these parents. Many parents wanted their children to earn a degree and gain life experience at the same time. However, the question is "what exactly does that look like today?" and "How can we achieve this in a down turned economy?" Well... collegeplus shares some interesting and eye opening insights on the current state of higher education and provides strategies for making this a reality.   Show Notes: Episode 60: College The Smart Way: Higher Education in the Information Age   Topics Discussed: How to get you time and money back from higher education Help your students discover their life puropse. Help students build a college education around their passion. First 2 years of college are a glorified review of high school. How to earn your college degree debt free in less than 4 years. How to increase the percentage of finding a job after graduation Mentorship program to keep students on track. Study, Practice, Test, Earn CLEP Testing   Related Links: Interview with a CollegePlus Coach College the smart way with Ryan Yamane Colleges Want Homeschool Students 5 Ways To Homeschool For Free    Sponsors and Affiliates:  Christian Home Educators Association of California (Resources for Homeschool) Total Transcript Solution (Get your kids into college)   Audio:   Play in new window | Download (Right Click to Download) Thanks for subscribing to The Homeschooling Buzz.      
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