74 minutes | Jul 18, 2021

Zach Bitter - An Ultramarathon Mindset

For some, entrepreneurship is just in their DNA. But in the case of today's guest, his DNA set him up to be a record-breaking endurance athlete. Zach jumped on a call with the young men of Apogee and talked about how having the right mindset, a willingness to try new things, and the endurance to push through can be the perfect recipe for success.  Today's sponsor is Discover Praxis. Right now, listeners of E11 can get a $1,000 scholarship + a free book! Simply follow the link: discoverpraxis.com/essential11 ZACH BITTER Zach Bitter is an American ultramarathon runner. He held world records for the 100-mile run (track) and the 12-hour run (track). Bitter claimed both records with his performance during the Six Days in the Dome event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 24, 2019. His 100-mile time of 11 hours, 19 minutes and 13 seconds, bested Oleg Kharitonov’s 2002 world record by almost 11 minutes, and was more than 20 minutes faster than his own American mark of 11:40:55. After claiming the 100-mile record, Bitter continued running for another 40 minutes and upped his own 12-hour distance world record to 104.8 miles, an improvement of more than three miles over the previous mark. MORE PLACES YOU CAN FIND ZACK Instagram - @zachbitter Twitter - @zbitter Facebook - Zach Bitter Website - https://zachbitter.com/ MORE CONTENT Follow me on social to get the latest updates and Essential content. Instagram: @mattbeaudreau Twitter: @mattbeaudreau YouTube: Matt Beaudreau THE MISSION Many of the young people who would thrive the most at Acton Academy (a school founded by Matt Beaudreau), simply can’t afford it. The Essential 11 was created to fill that gap. Our goal is to provide scholarships to as many Acton Academy students in need as we possibly can. 100% of all proceeds from this podcast go directly towards sponsoring young heroes here in the Sacramento area. We know and believe that a greater future starts with greater education for more students. More About E11 Podcast
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