76 minutes | Apr 12th 2020

T.K. Coleman - A Revolutionary Force For Creative Power

Today's guest is a brother in freedom. T. K. Coleman is the Director of Entrepreneurial Education at the Foundation for Economic Education and Co-Founder & Education Director of Praxis. He is a prolific writer and speaker with a singular mission: to awaken people to their own creative power. T. K. describes himself as an entrepreneur first and a motivator second. He's a strong believer in the idea that he has a responsibility to face the everyday challenges of creating value in the free market if he's going to spend his life trying to get other people to believe in free markets. 

He regularly works with young people, administering advice to help them take control of their own lives, discover what they're truly passionate about, and then take actionable steps to achieve that. Now, hear his take on the Essential 11 questions. 

More places you can find TK:

Instagram - @officialtkcoleman & @revolutionof1

Twitter - @TK_Coleman

Website - http://tkcoleman.com/

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