86 minutes | Mar 28, 2021

Sevan Matossian - The King of Content and Parenting Expert

If I had all the time in the world, this conversation would have gone on forever. Sevan has such an incredible understanding of raising happy and free children that truly resonated with me. Our role as parents is to provide an environment that allows our young people to learn to be self-sufficient while protecting them from the mountain lions that may seek to attack while they're down. It's not our job to always pick the child back up, we allow them to learn that they are capable of doing it themselves. Our job is handling the things they're not capable of yet and allow them to expand their level of capability themselves. That's how they learn self-confidence. That's where self-awareness is cultivated. SEVAN MATOSSIAN Today's guest is Sevan Matossian. Sevan has been involved in CrossFit Media since the start of CrossFit itself. He is a producer and director, known for Our House (2003), Pulling John (2009), and Every Second Counts: The Story of the 2008 CrossFit Games (2009). Sevan is a content king. From creating tremendous value for the CrossFit community to now creating content with his three young sons on fitness, running a personal podcast, and a podcast with himself, Josh Bridges, and Mat Fraser. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Sevan's passion and self-discipline has manifested his success 2:58 How he figured out his self-discipline Doesn’t close doors in his brain. 8:54 Meditation is about having an aware mind, how you can use this to have a greater mind 11:14 Consistency creates freedom for your children. You have to have rules. The rules  themselves matter less than just having rules 12:40 If your child falls down and you pick them up, you just stole from them. 22:13 From the moment you consume something addicting, you lose control of the thing between your ears 31:59 Nothing compares to the pride of watching your child grow 36:22 Creating a lasting impact on others 39:51 The importance of showing love to your children 40:45 The long-term effects we have on children 45:18 You should not introduce fear to your child that they cannot mitigate 48:03 The importance of "please and thank you" 53:29 PLACES YOU CAN FIND SEVAN Instagram - @sevanmatossian Podcasts - The Sevan Podcast , Josh Mat Sevan YouTube - 3 Playing Brothers MORE CONTENT Follow me on social to get the latest updates and Essential content. Instagram: @mattbeaudreau Twitter: @mattbeaudreau YouTube: Matt Beaudreau THE MISSION Many of the young people who would thrive the most at Acton Academy (a school founded by Matt Beaudreau), simply can’t afford it. The Essential 11 was created to fill that gap. Our goal is to provide scholarships to as many Acton Academy students in need as we possibly can. 100% of all proceeds from this podcast go directly towards sponsoring young heroes here in the Sacramento area. We know and believe that a greater future starts with greater education for more students. More About E11 Podcast
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