61 minutes | Jul 25, 2021

Nick Bare - The "Go One More" Entrepreneur

When it comes to winning, some people just have a mindset that the vast majority of people don't understand. Because winning repeatedly requires- not just a willingness- but an eagerness to face challenges again and again that most people can barely stomach once. It's the consistency of pushing yourself just a little bit more each time, of "going one more" that creates results. Nick Bare, today's guest understands that mindset and shares what it's taken to get him there with the young men of Apogee in this episode. Today's sponsor is Discover Praxis. Right now, listeners of E11 can get a $1,000 scholarship + a free book! Simply follow the link: discoverpraxis.com/essential11 NICK BARE Nick Bare founded Bare Performance Nutrition in 2012 out of his small college apartment in Western Pennsylvania at the Indiana University of PA. During this time, Nick was studying nutrition and on the path of joining the military upon graduation. The company was built upon the values of transparency and service from its infant stages of launch and today remain instilled in the brand's primary mission. After graduating college, Nick was commissioned into the US Army as an Infantry Officer, where he spent the next four years completing various military training schools, such as Ranger School and Airborne School, before taking his position as an Infantry Platoon Leader stationed out of Texas. During his time in the military, Nick learned the values of leadership, integrity, and team building which have been directly applied to Bare Performance Nutrition. MORE PLACES YOU CAN FIND NICK Instagram - @nickbarefitness YouTube - Nick Bare Website - www.nickbare.com Shop - Bare Performance Nutrition  MORE CONTENT Follow me on social to get the latest updates and Essential content. Instagram: @mattbeaudreau Twitter: @mattbeaudreau YouTube: Matt Beaudreau THE MISSION Many of the young people who would thrive the most at Acton Academy (a school founded by Matt Beaudreau), simply can’t afford it. The Essential 11 was created to fill that gap. Our goal is to provide scholarships to as many Acton Academy students in need as we possibly can. 100% of all proceeds from this podcast go directly towards sponsoring young heroes here in the Sacramento area. We know and believe that a greater future starts with greater education for more students. More About E11 Podcast
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