63 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

Dawson Church - The Mind to Matter Man

We frequently talk about the importance of mindset on the Essential 11, particularly how your mindset will affect how you handle tough situations, how resilient you are, and how your mindset can drive your success. But what if we told you your mindset directly correlates to how long you live, the very expression of your genes, and shape the anatomy of your brain? 

That's exactly the scientific-based info that today's guest Dawson Church brings to this episode. Dawson is a researcher and the author of several award-winning science books. Research teams led by Dawson have published many clinical trials. His studies with veterans have shown that, using advanced psychological methods, over 80% recover from PTSD.

He'll talk about his own journey- starting way back 100,000 years ago (don't worry, he summarizes)- and covers his own battle with depression and anxiety as a young person, how he came to look in the mirror and ask himself "why"? His journey in psychology and spirituality began to answer that question then solve it for so many others. 

We also touch on how cortisol was once a necessary anatomical response to danger but is now a direct threat to health, how optimism can allow you to live longer, and the only kind of drugs Dawson would recommend. 

More places you can find Dawson:

Website - https://dawsonchurch.com/

Get his book for free - https://blissbrain.com/

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