41 minutes | Jun 6, 2021

Bedros Keuilian - The "Man Up" Entrepreneur

Today's guest is a man who truly embodies the American dream. Bedros Keuilian came to America at a young age, escaping a communist country, and has lived his life in pursuit of challenge and growth. When he had his son, he saw a gap in the development of men and he made it a mission to fill that void. And in doing so, he has created some of the greatest programs to create better men who are greater fathers, husbands, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Today's sponsor is Discover Paxis. Right now, listeners of E11 can get a $1,000 scholarship + a free book! Simply follow the link: discoverpraxis.com/essential11 BEDROS KEUILIAN Bedros is a best-selling author, speaker, and business consultant. He’s the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, one of the nation’s fastest-growing franchises, and an investor in over a dozen companies ranging from subscription software platforms, digital ad agencies as well as mastermind and coaching services. Bedros is known as the hidden genius that entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and thought leaders turn to when they want to create high-level mastermind and coaching programs, quickly scale their businesses and solve their most pressing bottlenecks so that they can making the quantum leap to massive success. His sales, marketing, mindset, and business systems are the secret weapon used by thousands of successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs who want to reach more high-paying clients and customers without the use of unpredictable or sleazy marketing tactics. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Origin Story 2:20 The creation of Fit Body Bootcamp 4:10 Bedros’ mentors 9:30 Developing self-confidence in men 12:36 The value of brotherhood 17:38 Creating trust with your son 21:15 Where Bedros is counter-culture: Family isn’t everything 26:48 Operation Black Sight 29:36 What’s next for Bedros 33:30 The true difficulty that is entrepreneurship 35:30 PLACES YOU CAN FIND BEDROS Instagram - @bedroskeuilian Book - Man Up MORE CONTENT Follow me on social to get the latest updates and Essential content. Instagram: @mattbeaudreau Twitter: @mattbeaudreau YouTube: Matt Beaudreau THE MISSION Many of the young people who would thrive the most at Acton Academy (a school founded by Matt Beaudreau), simply can’t afford it. The Essential 11 was created to fill that gap. Our goal is to provide scholarships to as many Acton Academy students in need as we possibly can. 100% of all proceeds from this podcast go directly towards sponsoring young heroes here in the Sacramento area. We know and believe that a greater future starts with greater education for more students. More About E11 Podcast
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