37 minutes | Apr 8th 2020

Welcome Home: About John

Every day in the United States of America, 22 veterans commit suicide. Every night, 40,000 veterans sleep on the streets. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans is doing all it can do to combat this growing epidemic. They are a voice to our Congress, a beacon of light to our troops, and a source of pride to our nation as an entity that seeks to care for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. You can visit the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans at https://nchv.org There you can scroll to find your own area or state, look through a list, and find a shelter for veterans near you that surely could use your support. That is exactly how I found Sarge's Place, and that is what this episode is about. Gian Berselli is the founder of Astral Wolf Records. His mission is to share the voice and music of amazing people… and he believes that is real medicine. Gian has a certificate in Sound Healing, and his research extends to teaching effects of music and sound as a healing tool, especially for those with PTSD. The track featured on this episode is called Vocal Journey in D, from the album Journeys in Sound Healing, Volume 1, and can be found at the link below: Gian Berselli: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0e3PsT3zT2KUalNVRpQtQt  Visit Sarge's Place on Facebook, and check out the amazing work Cheri and her team is doing. Give them a call at 360-374-5252. https://www.facebook.com/SargesPlaceVeteranHousing/If you want to see your generosity go directly into the hands of the homeless, please consider becoming a Patreon subscriber for the Homeless Podcast athttps://patreon.com/homelessPNW The Homeless Podcast is proud support the homeless with ALL donations that come in, and provide warmth, comfort and a voice to the voiceless. If you’d like to donate, consider a monthly subscription for even as little as $5 per month. You can also make one-time donations. Your kindness goes directly to the homeless and offers you a chance to give back and help combat this epidemic that is growing across the globe. Simply click on the above link to sign up... it only takes two minutes.   https://bombas.com/homelesspodFor every pair of socks you buy, Bombas donates a pair to the homeless. Visit now to receive 20% off your first order. Homeless has been listed in Feedspot's Top 10 of podcasts dealing with the homeless pandemic. Learn more about what you can do to help fight homelessness, and visit  Feedspot to learn more. https://blog.feedspot.com/homelessness_podcasts/
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