70 minutes | Feb 27th 2020

S2-EP2: Mold Illness & Functional Medicine with @drsandeepgupta

Welcome to Season Two Episode Two with Special Guest Dr. Sandeep Gupta What do you get when you put two passionate mold and toxin professionals on one podcast? You get a totally In-depth and enlightening conversation about Mold! This month we are speaking with Dr. Sandeep Gupta about Mold Illness and Functional Medicine, First, though, let's dig in a little bit and learn more about our amazing guest! Dr. Gupta is a board-certified general practice physician practicing on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. He has a Fellowship and Masters degree in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine and five years of experience of working in intensive care medicine. He runs a busy integrative medicine practice, Lotus Holistic Medicine, helping his patients to achieve optimal health and finding answers to complex medical problems. He was the first non-US physician to complete the certification in biotoxin illness with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in 2014. Since then, he has co-authored the physician consensus statement titled Medically sound investigation and remediation of water-damaged buildings in cases of CIRS-WDB. Dr. Gupta’s passion for the field of chronic inflammatory illness shines through in his regular presentations as well as this unique course on chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), commonly referred to as mild illness. Want to learn more? Are you a functional practitioner and are you interested in honing your Mold, Microbes & Methylation knowledge for the betterment of your practice. Check out our MasterClass Sale: Mold, Microbes, & Methylation MasterClass Special (Only Valid 02-27-2020 thru 03-31-2020) at checkout put in the special offer code “Moldmaster500” for $500 off out MasterClass!!! Episode Guide [0:03:08] Introduction of Dr. Gupta & Catching up [0:06:12] Mold Illness, Environmental Toxins & Bob Miller [0:07:49] Mold Colonization, CIRS, & Metabolic Solutions LLC Mold Illness Cheat Sheet [0:10:00] Detoxification, Mycotoxins and where they exist [0:13:09] Repopulation of probiotics, Sinus Probiotics, Biofilm & Oxalates [0:18:20] Physiological and Psychological resilience when it comes to Mold Illness, Dealing with Illness induced stress, & Impact of Healing [0:21:00] Building a MasterClass, FDN Training, & Top Quality Functional Medicine [0:25:30] Trama Behind Mold Illness & Healing thru Plants & Food [0:34:59] MicroToxins & Mold Existence & the Shocking Frequency of Findings [0:38:00] Treatment on a Budget, Coffee Enama’s, The Removal of Mycotoxins, Gut Health, & How to Stay Illness Free. [0:44:01] What Makes a Practitioner Great, A Safe Place for Energy Glow & Treatment [0:48:01] Cliff Notes on Mold Illness & The Importance of Being Present for Our Clients [0:56:15] Where the Wisdom Exists & Mold Subtype Binding Resources for This Episode: Dr. Sandeep Gupta: Web: https://www.moldillnessmadesimple.com/about-drgupta/ Contact Dr. Gupta Linked In: Instagram Brendan Vermeire: Mold, Microbes, & Methylation MasterClass Check out Metabolic Solutions LLC Listen to The Holistic Savage Podcast Follow Brendan Vermiere LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Twitter Email info@metabolicsolutionsllc.com Metabolic Solutions Products & Holistic Savage Affiliates: https://www.metabolicsolutionsllc.com/shop --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/holisticsavagepodcast/message
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