45 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

Intermittent Fasting – How to Lose Weight and Feel Great with Cynthia Thurlow- Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #230

Have you tried intermittent fasting? Also known as time restricted eating, this method of limiting the hours in which you eat has helped millions of Americans to lose weight, improve their brain function, and even de-age their bodies.  But how should one do this, and exactly what benefits can you achieve? On this episode we’re going to dive deep into intermittent fasting. I’m joined by an expert in all types of fasting, and she teaches her patients and followers that intermittent fasting is a great option to improve your health and give yourself the body you’ve always wanted. This is especially true for women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. So if you’re interested in intermittent fasting and how it can change your life, you’ve got to listen to this episode. Please join me and my good friend Cynthia Thurlow as we discuss Intermittent Fasting – How to Lose Weight and Feel Great.   Link: www.cynthiathurlow.com
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