49 minutes | May 15, 2018

Episode 17-Michael Cohen

This week on Hold the Drama, host Alison Robertson, sits down with down with Michael Cohen. Please do not mistake him with the other Michael Cohen who’s been making the news, we do get in to that in the interview. This is the fantastic actor who can currently be seen on Nickelodeon’s hit sit-com Henry Danger as Schwoz. Michael has appeared on other hit shows like Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls and way more then I have time to mention in this intro. This is a man who is the definition of working actor. He loves his job and fully understands how this business works. So much so that he teaches a class on it at the University of Texas at Austin in Los Angeles. If you’ve ever wondered how you make a living acting, this is the episode you can’t miss. Make sure you’re settled in and ready, because this is going to be a ride. Please rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can follow us on: Facebook @holdthedrama Twittter @hold_thedrama Instagram @hold_thedrama www.holdthedrama.com Host-Alison Robertson Executive Producers-Dawn Deibert & Melissa Pressman Music by-Blake McIver
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