50 minutes | Apr 3rd 2019


This is the second episode in a series on the adjudication of harassment and bullying complaints pursuant to #MeToo-inspired academic and professional association codes of conduct. Heidi talks to Richard Ned Lebow, the man at the center of the ‘lingerie elevator joke’ scandal that erupted at the 2018 International Studies Association conference. Professor Lebow, who is an expert in conflict prevent and resolution, explains why it was so important to him to fight this complaint. Links Professor Lebow’s faculty page at King’s College London: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/people/person?id=5402e739-96f2-4936-86d6-203f197283a5 Richard Ned Lebow, “Warning: Telling a Lame Joke in an Elevator can Endanger Your Career,” Quillette, Nov. 23, 2018. https://quillette.com/2018/11/23/warning-telling-a-lame-joke-in-an-elevator-can-endanger-your-career/ Richard Ned Lebow, “How my lame joke saw me fall foul of the campus zealots,” The Spectator, May 14, 2018. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/05/how-my-lame-joke-saw-me-fall-foul-of-the-campus-zealots/ Richard Ned Lebow, “My innocent joke about lingerie and an insidious culture of censorship: Leading academic says trouble caused by a one-liner he cracked in a lift left him reeling,” Daily Mail, May 16, 2018. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5738391/PROFESSOR-RICHARD-NED-LEBOW-innocent-joke-lingerie-insidious-culture-censorship.html The installation on display at the ISA 2019 panel on “Confronting Political Backlash: Creative Feminist Responses”: https://twitter.com/simonasharoni/status/1112377478465630208 Code of Conduct, International Studies Association, April 8, 2018. https://www.isanet.org/Portals/0/Documents/ISA/ISA%20Code%20of%20Conduct%200418.pdf
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