23 minutes | May 17, 2021

Back to the beginning: AIDS and the elusive vaccine

Our first episode jumps back to 1981Dr Anthony Fauci talks to our host, Femi Oke, about how the emergence of this mysterious disease, later known as AIDS, changed the course of his career. He shares why an HIV vaccine, promised by 1986, is the “big and last Holy Grail that we have to achieve”.We are also joined by:·         Physician Dr Michael Gottlieb, the first to report AIDS as a new disease in June 1981·         HIV activist and epidemiologist Dr Gregg Gonsalves on his role in galvanizing community activism·         Advocates Vincent Basajja (Uganda), Udom Likhitwonnawut (Thailand) and Maureen Luba(Malawi) dispelling myths about vaccines and vaccine research
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