60 minutes | Jun 3, 2020

Episode 9 - Gordon MacQuarrie, New Books, Richard's Lakes and the ODHA with Dave Evenson

Host and MacQuarrie biographer Keith Crowley talks with Editor Dave Evenson about two new Gordon MacQuarrie compilations taken from his newspaper columns in the Milwaukee Journal between 1936 and MacQuarrie's premature death in 1956. In these new books, titled "Right off the Reel" and "Dogs, Drink & Other Drivel", both published by the Barnes Area Historical Association, we learn more about MacQuarrie the person and MacQuarrie the reporter than we do through the Old Duck Hunter trilogy of books produced in previous decades. Many of the newspaper columns served as prequels for the more famous ODHA stories which ran in the national hunting and fishing magazines of the Golden Age. In many of these newspaper stories we first meet great MacQUarrie characters like Mr. President, Gus, Hank, Fred, Norm, and a host of others. Crowley and Evenson also discuss the infamous "Richard's Lakes" mystery as well as the upcoming MacQuarrie Pilgrimage to MacQuarrie Country. Show Notes:Right off the ReelDogs Drink & Other DrivelMacQuarrie PilgrimageGordon MacQuarrie: The Story of an Old Duck Hunter_______________________________________________________________Theme Music: Grip of the Black GoldSongwriter: Steve BlexrudPerformed by Steve Blexrud and Thunderheads_______________________________________________________________Books by Keith CrowleyPheasant Dogs: Stories from the FieldGordon MacQuarrie: The Story of an Old Duck HunterWildlife in the Badlands Keith Crowley's published wildlife and sporting photography can be found at CrowleyImages.com
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