56 minutes | Apr 9, 2020

Episode 3 - The Genius of Gene Hill with Steve Smith

Show notes:Legendary outdoor writer Gene Hill captivated readers with his wit and humor for decades. Host Keith Crowley interviews publisher, editor, and writer, Steve Smith, about his close friend Gene Hill and their adventures hunting - and writing - together.Hill's words about hunting dogs were the best and may be in part the result of Hill's WWII experiences. Related information:Gene Hill BooksPointing Dog JournalRetriever JournalLook for Steve's new ebook on sporting travel called Going There, coming soon on Amazon.  ________________________________________________________________________Theme Music: Grip of the Black GoldSongwriter: Steve BlexrudPerformed by Steve Blexrud and Thunderheads_______________________________________________________________________Books by Keith CrowleyPheasant DogsGordon MacQuarrie: The Story of an Old Duck HunterWildlife in the Badlands Keith Crowley's published wildlife and sporting photography can be found at CrowleyImages.com
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