3 minutes | Sep 21, 2020

Mars Best Brisket: An Audio Comedy Charity Event!

We're dropping a little goodie for you here in our feed to promote Mars Best Brisket, an audio comedy charity event happening this week, September 20-27!  Produced by our friends T.H. Ponders and V Silverman, Mars Best Brisket is a three-episode audio comedy that's campaigning to raise $1000 for Lovin' Spoonfuls, a food rescue in Boston, MA!  Check out the show @marsbestbrisket on all social media, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so you don't miss these fantastic three episodes that are doing Good Work in the real world! Head over to marsbestcharity.com or through marsbestbrisket.com to make your contribution to the campaign. Let's help them blast through their goal! Yeeehawwww!!
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