89 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

Episode 32: Stealing Horses & Hearts: Trans Vagabonds of the Wild West

In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh and guest host Ashten Hope slap on some cowboy boots and head to the wild west to tip our hats to a slew of badass transgender pioneers. We’ll first meet Harry Allen, a handsome horse-stealing and heart-stealing trans man who was both loved and hated by papers and police across the pacific northwest. Then we’ll dance with the dazzling and talented Mrs. Nash, who’s baking and sewing charmed many a soldier boy. Lastly, prepare to be lassoed by the legendary Charley Parkhurst who was known as one of the best “whips” in all the west. Grab your horse and your headphones and get ready to ride into the fantastic lives of these frontier queers. Outline:  0:00 – Introduction 4:12 – Main Topic: Stealing Horses & Hearts: Trans Vagabonds of the Wild West 4:47 – Socio-Historical Context: What was the Wild West and Why do we think its gay? 16:51 – Who were they? Bio Time: Harry Allen 31:40 – 33:04 – Content warning: suicide mention 36:29 – Word of the Week 39:12 –39:31 – Content warning: sexual assault reference 42:52 – 43:03 – Content warning: substance abuse mention 50:26 – Who were they? Bio Time: Mrs. Nash 1:01:26 – 1:03:06 – Content warning: suicide mention 1:06:54 – Who were they? Bio Time: Charley Parkhurst 1:21:16  – Main Takeaways and Final Conclusions 1:22:36 – How Gay were They? 1:25:47 – Closing and Where to Find us Online You can find guest host Ashten at @AshtenHope on twitter! Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! You can get super cool merch in our store! Shirts, hoodies, totes, and other neat things. If you’d like to help us transcribe the show for our d/Deaf and hard of hearing fans, please head on over to www.historyisgaypodcast.com/transcribe to join the team of volunteers! Find our full list of sources and bonus content at www.historyisgaypodcast.com. Get at us on twitter @historyisgaypod, tumblr at historyisgaypodcast, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Don't forget to rate and review so more folks can see the show!
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