59 minutes | Jul 22, 2019

Episode 24: Transcestors, A Look at Art Beyond the Binary (Live from the DMA)

Leigh and Gretchen are back from hiatus with an extra special episode! Recorded live at the Dallas Museum of Art on June 21st as part of the museum’s Pride events, your friendly neighborhood queer history nerds sat down to chat about gender diversity in art and mythology. Come take a tour through Mesopotamian, Hindu, and Norse mythology, then dive into two modern artists who questioned and transcended gender norms in their lives and art: Anton Prinner and Frida Kahlo. So pull up a chair and hang out with a couple of gayvenclaws to, retroactively, celebrate pride and art beyond the binary! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 8:02 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Inanna/Ishtar 16:19 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Hapi 23:24 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Hindu gods 30:32 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Loki 36:43 – Anton Prinner 46:12 – Frida Kahlo 52:44 – How Gay Were They? 53:40 – Closing and Where to Find us Online   Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more!  Also you can get super cool merch in our store! Shirts, hoodies, totes, and more! We just added STICKERS! Find our full list of sources and bonus content at www.historyisgaypodcast.com. Get at us on twitter @historyisgaypod, tumblr at historyisgaypodcast, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Don't forget to rate and review so more folks can see the show!
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