47 minutes | Nov 14, 2020

New evidence for Neolithic textiles in the Orkney Islands - Ep 103

Recently, new evidence for Neolithic fabric was found impressed on a sherd in the Orkney Islands. In an area where the environment is not conducive to preservation of textile, archaeologists must look for evidence in unconventional ways. Recently, a team from The University of the Highlands and the Islands in Scotland used Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) to identify the impression of woven fabric on a sherd. Chris and Rachel discuss the fabric impression, how it could have been made, and what the broader implication are of this discovery.Links “Rare evidence for Neolithic Textiles identified on Orkney”, Science Notes, Current Archaeology, July 17, 2020 Textiles and Animal Skins from ScARF Flint Howe, Luce Sands Contact Chris Webster chris@archaeologypodcastnetwork.com Affiliates Wildnote TeePublic Timeular Find this show on the educational podcast app, Lyceum.fm!
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