16 minutes | Mar 13, 2014

Transitions: Better Conversations on Money and Marriage with Derek and Carrie Olsen. Ep. 006

Life is a series of transitions, abnormal is the norm. (Tweet this) Life can be described as a long series of moments that blend into each other. This current moment in time will blend into the next. Over and over, this 'blending into the next moment' moves forward. The final result will make up the entirety of all the events of your life. Waiting for the perfect moment to act will leave you doing just that, waiting. Waiting until this transitional period of time is over will leave you forever waiting for the stability you think you need in order to act. There will never be a season of life that is not transitional. Entertaining and thought provoking conversations on money and marriage in less than 20 minutes. If you enjoy what you hear, we would love to hear from you. Leave your review on our iTunes page and we will read it on an upcoming episode. Introductionist: Rey Brown, from the I Like Family Show. (Thanks Rey!) When many people think of family, a family tree comes to mind with the branches representing each member of the family. But it doesn't start there. For a tree to flourish it must be deeply rooted. Family is the same way; the only way for us to succeed is to have a healthy home. Marriage and parenting are the two key ingredients to a successful family life. -Rey Brown
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