16 minutes | Apr 3, 2014

Hot Hot Organization: Better Conversations on Money and Marriage with Derek and Carrie Olsen. Ep. 009

Hot, Hot Financial Organization! (Tweet this) If you don't have an organized financial plan, what are you basing your decisions off? I am sure you don't guess what direction to drive when you plan a road trip. And still, too many people put little to no effort into creating even a half-assed financial plan. Carrie and I have made more financial progress than we ever thought possible. Without our simple monthly budget, I can't imagine where we would be financially and relationally. Having an organized plan is about more than numbers, math, and financial progress. We have confidence and feel great because we have a plan. Money is messy by default. Your financial life is probably spread out in several different places. (Bank account, debt/credit card, student loans, bills, savings, retirement.) Your financial life won't organize itself all on its own. It will take some effort and intentional action on your part. Worth it Return on Investment: The highest return on investment you can achieve has nothing to do with stocks, mutual funds, or paying off debt. The highest return on investment possible comes straight from creating a plan for your money. Financial results: Every single time someone tells me about how they started doing a budget they say, "I feel like I got a raise". But, they aren't earning more money. So, where did the "extra" money come from? (HINT: Start paying more attention to your money and then tell me the answer.) *More money is almost always one of the results. Non-financial results: The non-financial results are just as important and exciting. A strong feeling of confidence that comes from knowing that you have a plan is worth the 60 minutes a month that it takes. If you are married, one of the most important things you can do for you marriage is work together in the finance department. You are qualified You ARE qualified to manage your own money. You are allowed, you have permission. You can. You should. ...and I believe you will. A hot, hot plan will make you see how possible it is. A hot, hot plan will give you confidence that you can handle it. You won't end up somewhere you want to be by accident. You will need a plan and you will need to make good decisions based on that plan. Join us this May for the Money and Marriage Webinar Series If you have been enjoying The Better Conversations Podcast, we would love to hear from you. Consider leaving a review and a rating on iTunes. Introductionist: Jeff R
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