122 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

His and Hers Movie Podcast - Episode 049 - The Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2021

Welcome back to episode 49! On this week’s show we talk about the year being over and what we’ve been up to since. Then we get into what we watched: Alone (2020)The Golden Glove (2019)Run (2020)Antebellum (2020)The Vast of the Night (2019)Monstrum (2018)Tremors (1990)Spree (2020)Butt Boy (2019)I Dare You To Open Your Eyes (2018)Boogeyman (2005)The Mortuary Collection (2019)His Name Was Jason (2009)Hereditary (2018)Midsommar (2019)Blood Vessel (2019)The Rental (2020)Color Out of Space (2019)Don’t Listen (2020)Come to Daddy (2019)Random Acts of Violence (2019)The Call (2020)No Escape (2020)Fingers (2019)Synchronic (2020)Full Metal Jacket (1987) After that, we discuss two films we recently saw in the theater, Alien (1979) and Fatale (2020). Finally, we give a run down on moves to come as well as our top 10 most anticipated. Enjoy! Jp’s Letterboxd – https://letterboxd.com/doubleshotj/Carly’s Letterboxd – https://letterboxd.com/carlyalison317/
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