43 minutes | Sep 21, 2020

What Makes You Unstoppable with Tracy Timm

     In this episode, you’ll discover what makes you unstoppable with author, speaker and creator of the Nth degree, Tracy Timm! Learn how to: Define your new career intentionally on purpose Find absolute clarity on your true values and the path you really want to pursue Discover, define and drive your path to your dream career Find alignment between your skill sets and the most profitable opportunities Piece together your unique niche Map out a strategy for discovering the job that you were meant to test Move from a reactionary to a proactive mindset Discern the path that will really move the needle towards what you want Figure out what you REALLY want when it comes to what matters Perform a 10-20-30 core values discovery process Brand and name your core values so you can stay focused on them See your truth-tellers as valuable mirrors to identify your strengths Optimize your environment for success Marry your roots with your niche to bridge the gap between nature and nurture Make little bets for big wins How to inspect what you expect from a new career Ask the best questions to define your next professional chapter Read Tracy’s new book Unstoppable! Learn more about Tracy.  Follow Tracy on Instagram.  The post What Makes You Unstoppable with Tracy Timm appeared first on erinking.com.
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