59 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Upgrade Your Mornings with Amy Landino

Highlighters, let me ask you this: When you wake up, what does your morning routine look like? Is it setting you up to maximize the productivity and success of your day or, is it actually holding you back from unlocking the life you dream of? Amy Landino is the viral YouTube creator of AmyTV, a productive lifestyle coach, and the bestselling author of “Good Morning, Good Life- 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings and Upgrade Your Life. Today on the Highlights podcast she walks us through the three pillars of a productive morning so you can create a more successful way to start your day. Get ready to reconsider exactly how you’re sipping your morning cappuccino. Wow, was that enlightening or what? I can’t wait to hear about your brand new Movement, Mindfulness, and Mastery habits to help you unlock your mornings. You can pick up Amy’s Good Morning, Good Life planner at AmyLandino.com In this episode, learn how to: Create a customized, intentional morning routine to finally accomplish your biggest goals Stop devaluing your time and finally start saying NO to what isn’t serving you Increase the YES’s you say to yourself Communicate in a way that draws boundaries and preserves relationships Defend your right to morning time for yourself and your business Break your “addiction to drama” that keeps you stuck in stressful morning patterns Reframe your morning pages to be a space for detox, not brilliance Practice reps of showing up to what you’ve committed to for yourself Break “bad” routines and “bad” morning habits Maintain respect in your relationships while also protecting your time Recharge your introvert side through specific healthy habits Become a “morning person” to elevate the results of your day Cultivate the audacity to express what’s actually best for you Deciding which battles are worth picking when it comes to your time management Detox your mind from negative thoughts to clear the way for positive creative ones Use the Movement, Mindfulness and Mastery pillars to develop the morning routine that works best for you Reverse engineer your optimal time blocks to accomplish everything you want to Redefine your relationship with technology and social media Use “buffer time” to realistically plan a healthier sleep schedule Ask better questions of yourself to unpack your negative routines Discern the routine that will best organically fit into your current life The secret to going after the life you want starts with mastering your mornings! Visit Amy’s Website Reserve your Good Morning, Good Life Planner Follow Amy on YouTube The post Upgrade Your Mornings with Amy Landino appeared first on erinking.com.
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