30 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

Power Up Your Productivity with Neen James

 Do you have a successful system to max out your productivity and profitability? If our network is truly our net worth, Neen James is the queen of helping you to better invest your time in what truly matters using her brilliant “systemized thoughtfulness.” Improve how intentionally you manage your attention to unlock more freedom personally, professionally, and globally with the author of “Attention Pays,” Neen James. Neen is a world-renowned author, speaker, business coach, sales and marketing guru who’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands like Comcast and others.    She has published nine (NINE!) books, and this week we’re diving into her most recent one: Attention Pays. Neen talks about the value of organization in action, our intention towards the people we care about, and how we can think outside of ourselves to stand in service of others. She also shares some of her must-reads, such as Atomic Habits, Everybody Writes, and Deep Work.    In this episode, learn how to:   Create more powerful personal systems to unlock more freedom in your life Learn how to make every relationship feel like your number one priority Tactically nurture people and priorities like never before  Unearth the key to systemized thoughtfulness Better manage the dangers of COVID-triggered depression Stand in stronger service of others Rewire your thinking to rewrite your habits Intentionally day block more simply and successfully  Unlock the deeper, less-known joys of strategic planning    Start your 2021 right by following Neen James on her Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.   The post Power Up Your Productivity with Neen James appeared first on erinking.com.
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