37 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

Make Your Idea Irresistible with Tamsen Webster

  You know the feeling… you have a totally genius epiphany that you just KNOW will impact the world by truly, finally, REALLY moving people to take big action. So you share it, you explain it, you pitch it, and then…. their reaction is, let’s just say, underwhelming.  Ugh, so you beat yourself up and dive into that shame spiral of disappointment just asking yourself over and over again- “Where did I go wrong?”     Well, that cycle ends NOW because this week we have strategist, speaker, and idea whisperer Tamsen Webster here on the podcast. She has worked in marketing for 20 years, 13 years as a Weight Watchers Leader and 4 years as a Tedx Cambridge Executive Producer and has been hired by some of the smartest minds in the world to help make their ideas irresistible. And after this episode, you’ll know exactly how to do the same.    Tamsen shares with us the most common mistakes we make when sharing our biggest ideas with everyone from prospects to investors to even our partners! She explains her Red Thread Method, which are the specific steps you can take to frame your idea in a way that your audience understands, agrees with, and LOVES.    In this episode, learn how to:   Find the right language to show others that your idea is spectacular. Generate ideas that truly impact the world. Use the Red Thread to make your ideas irresistible Customize your presentation to move specific audiences Identify your “problem pair” (the problem the audience thinks they have versus the actual problem they have) Surface the real question your audience is asking  “Proverb”  your universal “truth” to make a case for your idea Infuse your ideas with stories to drive swift action and lasting change Create your most captivating idea/brand story Follow Tamsen on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. To transform your next idea so that it’s ready for the world, order her new book here.  Tamsen’s book recommendation? Story by Robert McKee.   The post Make Your Idea Irresistible with Tamsen Webster appeared first on erinking.com.
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