40 minutes | Feb 12, 2021

Love Your Writing with Ann Handley

Hi, highlighters! I am dropping a giant bomb with this week’s episode. Everybody writes. Don’t you?    In this day and age, we are all publishers. We are all writers. And it’s not even just about literal writing anymore. You’re sharing your thoughts, you’re dictating, you’re speaking, you’re voice memo-ing, you’re communicating cross-channel to audiences around the world. This ability to constantly create content has made each one of us our own individual publishing empires!    This episode’s guest is joining us for a transformative conversation that will awake the writer in all of us—she’s a voracious writer, a digital marketing pioneer, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author who inspires and empowers: the one and only, Ann Handley.    In this episode, Ann unpacks big ideas from her bestselling book, Everybody Writes, Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. We discuss ways you can overcome your fears and ultimately unlock the deep-down creative writer within. In addition to her brilliant tips and savvy strategies, Ann also shares her recent favorite reads: Office of Historical Corrections and Confessions of a Comma Queen. If you’re looking for ways to take your writing and creativity to all new heights- you are going to devour this episode like a piping-hot blueberry muffin slathered in butter. (Like that? Using all the senses is one of her social media tips   Follow Ann on her Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and website. And don’t forget to sign up for her uber addictive newsletter, Total Anarchy!   In this episode, you’ll learn how to: Reframe your mindset to elevate your writing  Redefine what “good writing” means (hint: not good grammar) Exercise your everyday writing muscle Mine nuggets of content from your heart and soul (not just your head)  Appreciate the wonderful rough edges of your “Ugly First Draft” Identify your most comfortable medium of writing Move beyond the rough “construction phase” of writing Distinguish between “storytelling” and “telling a true story well” Test how true and unique your story is so you can infuse your content with who you really are Write from your core to connect with your audience Master ways to revamp your Instagram content Conquer storytelling bumps The post Love Your Writing with Ann Handley appeared first on erinking.com.
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