50 minutes | Aug 26, 2020

How to Fear Less with Judi Holler

Fear expert and author of “Fear is My Homeboy” Judi Holler and I talk about ways to become better at managing your fear, especially in today’s higher-anxiety-levels-COVID world. You’ll learn how to: Discover your fear meter so you can unpack it  Deal with different types of fears in different situations Redefine the importance of self care and confidence as they relate to fear management  Reprogram your “inputs” for more dynamic “outputs” Recruit braver buddies to your tribe Optimize WHO and WHERE you invest your attention to increase your courage  Five permission for your positivity and negative situations to co-exist  Overcome posting paralysis of saying the wrong thing online and offending others Practice fear experiments to enforce your courage shield  Draw the boundaries between healthy and unhealthy fear  Deal with close relationships who may have higher or lower fear tolerances when it comes to COVID prevention  Avoiding regret on the regular Separate you as a person from the fear you’re experiencing “Talk” to your fears to alleviate them and remove their hold on you  Generate gratitude towards your fears Learn more about Judi’s books, workbooks, coaching, keynotes and more here. Text BRAVE to 474747 for special freebies for Highlighters only. Follow Judi on Instagram.  The post How to Fear Less with Judi Holler appeared first on erinking.com.
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