55 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

Banish Your Inner Critic with Petra Kolber

How do you know if you’re striving to live your best life OR teetering on the edge of unhealthy perfectionism? If you’re having one of those corona coaster moments where it seems like everyone else is living their best pandemic life besides you- despite working as hard as you can to elevate- you may need this episode more than you think. We’re so lucky to have one of my favorite people: fitness guru, happiness facilitator, and bestselling author of the perfection detox, Petra Kolber. Over the next hour, she is going to help us tame our inner critic, live with more bravery, and unleash more of our inner joy. Highlighters, I can’t wait for you to soak this one in. Let’s go! How to stop ruminating and start reflecting (and how to determine the difference between the two) How to determine if you have perfectionist tendencies Why perfectionism is just “fear in really good shoes” How to stop comparing your life to others- especially online The first step to putting your perfectionist tendencies in the back seat How to find acceptance instead of “stoke” when it comes to where you are Reframing “microwave moments” to see them as they really are Optimize how you process how you think about what you think Replacing the “disease of enoughness” with a healthier alternative How to put “should” in its place once and for all The line between healthy and unhealthy “feedback” Deleting the negative voices of the past and leaving false narratives behind Determining whose voice is actually in your head How to stop seeing ourselves through the perfectionist’s impossible lens Identifying “bucket emptiers” vs. “bucket fillers” How to stop seeing ourselves through “broken eyes” Why it’s sometimes more important to at least LIKE yourself, than to strive to LOVE yourself Make sure you’re measuring the metrics that bring you joy How to actually figure out what it is that you DO want Take Petra’s Confidence Catalyst Course Follow Petra on Instagram Read The Perfection Detox here The post Banish Your Inner Critic appeared first on erinking.com.
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