48 minutes | Dec 11, 2020

Actualize Your Dreams with L'areal Lipkins

Are you someone who loves making a good vision board in preparation for the new year? Or maybe you haven’t created a seriously specific gameplan in the past but with 2020, you’re ready to manifest a brand new reality come 2021?   If so, you will love L’areal Lipkins and her phenomenal insights around exactly how to manifest your biggest goals and most audacious dreams- let’s just say we go WAY “beyond the board” with this conversation. L’areal is a master sales trainer, consultant, and speaker who specializes in teaching small to medium-sized businesses on how to convert big prospects into paying clients.   With 11 years of experience, L’areal has developed a sales process map that delivers stunning results. She’ll show you how to master building rapport, breaking the rules to close more sales, and exactly how to achieve next-level success. She has trained over 10,000 salespeople at Sprint, Aflac, Wells Fargo, Indeed, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. L’areal never fails to inspire her audience to rise above their usual expectations and exceed their wildest limits. In this episode we discuss key takeaways from her book, A Woman With Vision: How to Fulfill the Goals and Dreams God Has Given You.   You’ll learn how to: Discover what’s keeping you from ACTUALLY actualizing your dreams Understand why logic is a silent dream killer Uncover the importance of clarity in defining your dreams Appreciate the power of “and” vs “or” Define your personal “belief gap” Debunk myths about motivation Engineer momentum to realize your ambitions Overcome common mistakes so you can OPTIMIZE your vision board (Finally) Honor your New Year’s resolutions Reframe fear and transform your failures into fuel Determine the primary goals that align with your values   Follow L’areal Lipkins on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. More importantly, don’t forget to register for her (free!) Vision Board Masterclass.   The post Actualize Your Dreams with L’areal Lipkins appeared first on erinking.com.
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