48 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Activate Your Optimism with Tami Evans

 Highlighters, let me ask you this:  Have you been feeling like it’s harder to stay positive in today’s complex times? With an election, pandemic and all the madness of 2020, you’re not alone.   Engaging, entertaining and energizing, Tami Evans creates an unforgettable experience for audiences. Her “use it now” content has helped ignite positive workplaces for exceptional organizations including Microsoft, Raytheon, Dun & Bradstreet, Dove Chocolate, The New York Times, Nissan, The Gap, Kellogg’s, Coldwell Banker and The American Heart Association. Formerly the president of the National Speakers Association of NYC, Tami has also worked as a corporate manager, university professor, communications specialist, as well as such diverse career experience as a fashion designer and professional actress. She also holds a Masters of Fine Arts, and BAA degrees in Broadcasting Communications and Theatre.  She is the author of “Half Full of It” Evans celebrates and motivates participants, engages and empowers employees, creates communication cohesion, boosts confidence, and busts stress. Her popular presentations enhance leadership skills, communication, empowerment, and how to have a lot more fun doing it all.     In this episode you’ll learn HOW TO: Cultivate more optimism in your life Experiences and lessons on optimism (2:46) Create a home for yourself (9:53) Ground yourself with a simple exercise Grounding exercises (12:18) Defeat Impostor Syndrome (17:15) Find your joy and optimism in the toughest situations (18:46) Overcome depression and anxiety (22:21) Teaching from healed scars, not wounds (30:27) Unrealistic expectations and the limiting belief of perfectionism (32:15) The optimistic spectrum of the pandemic (37:36) Tools to support optimism (39:22) The secret to getting the most of life (41:05) Looking forward to see the light (44:02)   Buy Tami’s book: Half Full Of It  Visit Tami’s Website Follow Tami on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin     The post Activate Your Optimism with Tami Evans appeared first on erinking.com.
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